quarta-feira, julho 11, 2007

Say something!

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You're as tight as a hunters trap.
Hidden well, what are you concealing?
Poker face, carved in stone.
Amongst friends, but all alone.
Why do you hide?

Say something, say something, anything...
I've shown you everything.
Give me a sign!
Say something, say something, anything...
Your silence is deafening.
Pay me in kind!

Take a drug to set you free...
Strange fruit from a forbidden tree!
You've got to come down soon.
More than a drug is what I need!
Need a change of scenery...
Need a new life!

Say something...

I'm open wide, open wondering!
Have you swallowed everything?
Pay me in kind.

2 comentários:

jj disse...

"Say somethng..." devia postar isto no meu... ;)


CEMREMOS disse...

Sim...pensei logo em ti!Estás à vontade! Ehehehe!