sexta-feira, setembro 07, 2007

Keep on

Bones (Brennan & Booth)

Keep On Tryin - Poco

I've been thinkin bout
All the times you told me
You're so full of doubt
You just can't let it be
But I know
If you keep comin back for more
Then I'll keep on tryin
Keep on tryin

And I've been drinkin now
Just a little too much
And I don't know how
I can get in touch with you
Now there's only one thing
For me to do, that's to keep on tryin
To get home to you

And I feel so satisfied when
I can see you smile
I want to confide in
All that is true, so I'll
Keep on tryin I'm
Through with lyin
Just like the sun above
I'll come shinin, trough
Oh yes I'll
Keep on tryin, I'm
Tired of cryin
I got to find a way
To get on home to you

I've been thinking about
All the times you held me
I never heard you shout
The flow of energy was so fine
Now I think I'll lay it on the line
And keep on tryin
To get home to you

Este foi um daqueles episódios que me ficou.

3 comentários:

Matchbox30 disse...

Que fofinho!!! Lol! Just kidding!

Haddock disse...

que fofura...

(estou como o matchbox30... para pegar contigo!)

Vanadis disse...

iiih, adoro a série BOnes!! E adoro o boots LOL