domingo, janeiro 13, 2008


Meredith: "Deep down, everyone wants to believe they can be hardcore. But being hardcore isn’t just about being tough. It’s about acceptance. Sometimes you have to give yourself permission to not be hardcore for once. You don’t have to be tough every minute of every day. It’s okay to let down your guard. In fact there are moments when it’s the best thing you can possibly do… as long as you choose your moments wisely."
Grey's Anatomy

The Strokes - You only live once

Sit me down

Shut me up

I'll calm down

And I'll get along with you

2 comentários:

Haddock disse...

eu ainda não me refiz do festim com o "marias" ali de baixo...

Matchbox30 disse...

Exacto, não é preciso sermos sempre duros mas também não podemos ser muito brandos, temos que encontrar a quantidade certa e saber quando devemos ser uma coisa ou outra. There's a time and a place for everything!