sábado, janeiro 05, 2008

Special Ingredient

Marin: Did I leave something here?
Jack: Yeah, your sense of direction.

Theresa: Hey, I get it. How many burgers can one woman eat?
Jerome: Five. I saw a woman eat five once.
Theresa: It was a rhetorical question.

Marin: The good news and bad news about chemistry is that we'll never fully understand how it works. Every relationship is an experiment. You'll never know exactly what you'll get. Some people bring out a side of you that you didn't know you had. Some people remind you that your story isn't over. Some people surprise you. And once in a while, you surprise yourself. And, although all relationships require compromise, sometimes you get more, not less. And sometimes, you can't get more. Sometimes what you had is gone forever. And, although it's painful, you have to find the strength to go on, to keep searching for the love, for that one perfect ingredient. No matter how far or how deep you have to go to find it.

Marin: Hey Elmo. So, if attraction is what brings people together, what is it that keeps us together? Is it hard work and dedication to a relationship or is it something less definable? What do you think? Does it all really come down to chemistry?

(discussing the otters)Marin: They haven't mated yet, have they?
Jack: No, you'd know if they did. It's not a quiet ritual.
Marin: The best sex never is.

Para quem ontem perdeu o episódio da série "Men in trees", está aqui um resumo dos melhores momentos PLUS respectiva banda sonora. Enjoy it!

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João Mãos de Tesoura disse...

Perdi o episódio; a Marin, o Jack, a Theresa e o Jerome. Ficou-me a gripe e a vontade de dançar o tango! Isto dos medicamentos e outras químicas produz desejos que ainda não domino.
Boa post...a do espisódio! Thanks!

P.S. Isto de andar no zaping de blogues engripado... provoca arrepios!

Haddock disse...

eu não sigo esse novela...
mas gosto de perguntas retóricas sobre bolinhos de bacalhau!!

Matchbox30 disse...

Bom, gostas mesmo da série! Lol!