terça-feira, agosto 05, 2008

The odd Pirate

Once upon a time
there was a pirate
with something odd to tell.
It wasn't a tale or a story;
was just a kind of a spell.

The pirate had been a child
Raised by pirates at sea.
But being so quiet and mild
no one could notice or see:

That the pirate just couldn’t say
that word that pirates do.
He just couldn't yell ar.
Since child, he was trying to.

But why can’t you yell our words?
The pirate look deeply at sea...
I wanted to be just like you
But oh, I just feel like a flea…

If you say oh, you must say ar!
said the Pirates trying to help.
But no matter how hard he tried,
the oh and ar just didn’t melt.

The pirate decided to leave,
there wasn’t another way!
He was a poor arless pirate,
with too many ohs! to say.

But the Pirates had been thinking
the odd thing was not so bad.
You can be the oh that opens
the ar that turns pirate mad!

And that is the reason why
some pirates are not alike.
The Pirate was really odd
but kept the spirit inside.

6 comentários:

poeta_poente disse...

já não se fazem piratas como antigamente... Ohohohoh

D. Maria e o Coelhinho disse...




jj disse...

Gostei. É de quem? :P


Mokas disse...

sometimes I feel just like him...

[é teu?]

100 remos disse...

Sim, é meu! ;)

Mokas disse...

Está muito bom =D