sábado, março 20, 2010

Where the music goes

I roll away just like a stone
Falling around wherever I'm thrown
I got lost, got sidetracked
I played dead and I couldn't go back
You asked me how does it feel
Everything hurts, everything's too real
I tried to be part of the scheme
But I can't understand, what does it really mean?

And with pride you point blame
But you never felt love, like you never felt pain
You give me that sad smile
And I want to drown it, want it gone for a while

I roll away, away from it all
I follow the lights, I follow the call
I fall down into the sound of the music

Tonight I feel it closer
And I can almost touch it
To you this may be nothing, It's something to me
This raging light!!

"You're on your own" said the voice on the phone
In between all the static and the robotic tone
Strong headlights were pointing to my eyes
Behind a killer car, inside a killer heart
"You be strong" said the voice on the phone
In between all the lies and the robotic tone
I fall down and into the sound
Where the music goes...

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