quarta-feira, junho 09, 2010


Danny: Alan, I've been thinking about something.

Alan: What's that?
Danny: I want you to kill me.
Alan: The scotch and cigars and hightly consumption or red meat have that well in hand.
Danny: No, no, no. Seriously. I don't fear death. I never have. But I am afraid of being hooked up to a machine. All those tubes, brain, mush. Would you like to live like that?
Alan: No. If it came to that, my friend, I would pull your plug.
Danny: Pull a plug? What kind of death is that? I want you to shoot me.
Alan: Shoot you?
Danny: Denny Crane is not gonna be turned off like a hair dryer. Live by the gun, die by the gun.
Alan: I'm not gonna shoot you.
Danny: Why not? I'd shoot you!
Alan: Denny, you've been a lawyer in this town for forty years. I'm sure there are plenty of people who'd willingly shoot you.
Danny: Well, I don't wanna be shot by a stranger. I wanna be shot by someone who, who cares for me.
Alan: The answer is, "No".
Danny: Bah! You b... Democrat!
Boston Legal

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lool lembro-me desta cena. adoro =D